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Dear Solange,

Thank you for your curiosity, shearing and to start the “Club” and also – late, but with all my hard : HAPPY Birthday – I hope you had enough time to play around.

The part in you massage – with space above and below – seems for me as your “topic”.

What was your experience during the Book Club meeting

So i like to follow your example and shear my experience.

Since i am fare away of the “coaching world” i had no clue what will happen and my curiosity was triggered. So without any ideas no picture arose in me like what “might” be there. And i enjoy something like this very much, like starting to digg a hole on Treasure Island – what will i find? And  -by the way – nothing harmful can happen -(No cannibals on my island :-)- so i felt quite save. Thank you for everybody.

I had never been in a meeting where everybody is working to be present, is listening, try to shear, is curious and want to develop and connect. So i felt happy and alive. The difference to my “normal working environment” struck me deeply.  The one hour went by in a moment for me and -like you- i also would like to hear more from everybody what has happened for them during this time. Especially what they are looking for, searching in -or- for them, and also how can i help you on your journey!

Getting a little bit more understanding of your “Inner world” or some feeling how it might be to be “You” would help me to understand my own “inner world” better and also “Who am I for you”, so that interaction between us (and our inner worlds) can be more deep and – hopefully for both – enjoyable.

Yours, Martin




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