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Integrative Presence™
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Join our movement to re-imagine and break free from the relentless cycle of ‘higher-bigger-faster’ coaching and leadership.

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We’re Tünde and Claire. Our minds and hearts are on re-imagining business and organizational management, coaching and leadership development in an extraordinary moment in time.

In every action, we champion intentionality. Our commitment is to ensure that each decision aligns with a deeper purpose to push your boundaries, ensuring that leadership and coaching do not lose their value as a result of an oversaturated market.

We’re on a mission to connect two socially instrumental worlds: coaches and leaders. It’s time to break free from the limitations of traditional coaching methods and leadership models. We’re here to foster a movement that champions authentic, daring leaders and coaches. 

We’re committed to value the symbiotic relationship between coaches and leaders within their ecosystems. Our goal is to redefine “success” in coaching and leadership for a more impactful and empowered tomorrow.

We believe in cultivating present awareness of what is happening in, with and around us holistically. This way we can become purposeful architects of lasting stability in our ever-evolving world.

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We Strive to Create a World for You in Which…

  • You can be intentional by learning to identify how your decisions and actions will impact everyone in your environment to respond with presence-ness
  • Power is a two-way street: you can stay connected to your core internally to feel safe while empowering others externally for them to act with impact
  • You feel like you belong – a safe home and anchor against the chaos, a place where you’re seen and heard and new ideas can spark to life to foster deep engagement
  • You’re constantly challenged to question the old ways of looking for the right solution and to look for the right problem instead, as that’s where you can innovate.

Meet the Visionaries, The Co-founders of Integrative Presence™:

Dr. Tünde Erdös - Integrative Presence™ Founcer
Dr. Tünde Erdös | MSc Executive Coach ICF MCC, EMCC Master Practitioner
I’m Tünde, acclaimed for my holistic and systemic approach to leadership development and executive coaching.
My Harvard-Grant-based research sets a benchmark in the field. I’m an author and sought-after speaker on leadership and coaching.
Growing up in countries with mountains and wilderness, my childhood memories are connected to nature.
In my free time, I enjoy the resourceful quality of hiking in the mountains of Austria, where I currently live.
Claire Venetsanakou | ACC ICF Professional Coach | Organizational Psychologist
Γειά σου!
I’m Claire, and I aspire to be the caring support that enables success.
I’ve reshaped leadership paradigms, inspiring countless leaders to redefine their roles and impact.
I’m a world citizen: I was born in Venezuela, although Hellenic in origin, and I also lived in Italy for 6 years.
My family’s core value was to respect human beings and their nature. That’s why I go out of my way to become the positive influence that my fellow humans, and our society as a whole need.
I love philosophy, science, nature, hiking, sports, travelling and exploring new worlds and challenges.
Claire Venetsanakou Integrative Presence™ Co-Founcer

Redefine Your Impact
as a Leader or Coach

Gain exclusive insights with a complimentary chapter from the Coaching Presence book and be inspired to transform your approach to leadership and coaching today.

The Birth of Integrative Presence™

An Innovative Program for Advanced Coaches and Leaders
The Awakening - From Mastery to a Mission to Seek More
In 2017, at the zenith of my thriving coaching career, I experienced a moment that forever altered my life. In a coaching session, my client perceived a dissonance between my affirmative words and my body’s physical response. I was leaning backwards while I gave a verbally positive reply, and my client interpreted this as a lack of trust. So what happened? The cause of this dissonance was an earlier dialogue with the hiring CEO saying, ‘You’d better make this one well.” These words unknowingly anchored my psyche, manifesting in what I later called presence-less-ness. I experienced a gut punch, an epiphany both humbling and enlightening. Here I was, a certified coach yet blindsided by my own body’s truth-telling about tensions I hadn’t consciously acknowledged, nor validated and embraced.
Triumphs and Trials
I realized that the body holds spontaneous responsiveness more potent than words. This revelation led to 4 years of ground-breaking research. The coaching world offered no resources or answers about this profound aspect of human interaction, so I made it my mission to fill this knowledge gap. During these challenging times, Claire entered my life with a shared passion for research, philosophy, and coaching. Together we shook up the industry leaving a mark on the coaching landscape for all time. However, the hardships were not over yet. From one day to another, my home turned from a safe haven into a true hell. My husband of 29 years felt neglected and chose to end our relationship. I was abandoned by someone I completely trusted. I felt heartbroken, lost and lonely.
Embracing the Depth of Human Experience
Sitting with my pain, I realized that my research was not about creating knowledge, mastery or any specific methodology. It was about giving back to the leadership and coaching community, and my clients. The most profound momentum was internal. It was about how I started embracing the depth of human experience. It was about gratitude, reciprocity, and the profound impact of authentic human connection. The separation from my husband made me realize the power of vulnerability and learn about the art of Kintsugi - finding beauty in brokenness.
Integrative Presence™ - The New Era of Coaching and Leadership Development

Claire and I forged a bond that led to the birth of Integrative Presence™ in 2020, and that moment changed everything.

A year later my husband engaged in self-reflection and came back. Since then he has been supporting my research on the power of presence.

In 2021, Claire and I held the first-ever symbiotic cohort online.

Next year we had our first online & offline cohort including a retreat with 8 participants in Austria.

We recognized the incredible value of being surrounded by kindred spirits, and mastering presence by experiencing the difference between online and offline presence in a safe environment.

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, we decided to open our program to the public. We aim to help more coaches and leaders connect with their inner power for a purposeful and empowering outer impact through presence.

Today, we’re at the forefront of a movement that cultivates awareness and presenceness to how we are interconnected. If we compromise our interconnectedness as coaches and leaders, we risk losing our power, impact, innovation and ultimately, our success.

Join us at Integrative Presence™ to shape the future of coaching and leadership development for a more impactful tomorrow!
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