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What is Integrative Presence?
Integrative Presence™ is an exclusive 16-week leadership development and coaching program for leaders navigating extremes and polarities and daring coaches. The participants master presence holistically through symbiotic and experiential learning sets, in both an online and offline boutique environment. By the end of the course, they’ll master how to reach synchrony with their teams and clients for meaningful decision-making and outgrow their limitations to create meaningful impact.
The dates are not yet confirmed, but probably the program will take place between March - June 2024.
Yes, absolutely! This means that when you finish the course, you’ll receive a personalized certificate, and coaches can use these hours as further education credits.
The price includes 10 weeks of online learning as well as a 3-day all-inclusive retreat. The price also includes 4 exclusive bonuses, personalized feedback, and the experience of a lifetime.
What is not included in the price? The price does not cover the travel costs for the participants or the bar drinks during the retreat.
In total, the program offers approximately 35 hours of training. This consists of 13 hours of virtual learning and 22 hours of training during the retreat. You’ll receive individual guidance and continued feedback on your learning progress as we go.
The price includes an all-inclusive exclusive accommodation in nature for 3 nights, including the night before the first day of the retreat. You’ll receive 3 meals per day plus coffee breaks and alcoholic drinks accompanying the meals. However, it does not include the bar drinks after dinner, or the travel costs.
The retreat will probably take place from Monday to Wednesday. Participants will arrive on Sunday, and they’ll leave on Wednesday evening. We plan 2 full days with 8 hours of learning, plus 1 day with 6 hours of learning (4 hours in the morning, and then after lunch 2 hours of consolidation).
The retreat will take place in Austria.
Our program has a delicate balance: we need to have pairs of coaches and leaders in order to function. We aim to have 4 coaches and 4 leaders in the program. However, in case of high interest, we can increase the available spots to 5 + 5. So don’t wait, book your spot today!
When all 5 + 5 spots are booked, the Registration button will change, and you’ll have the chance to sign up for the Waitlist. If a participant decides to withdraw their application, those who signed up for the Waitlist will be notified, and they’ll have the chance to join the program.
Yes, in case of a force majeure situation, we will give you a full refund. However, we’d like to ask for full commitment from all of our participants. As you can see, the balance of the program is very delicate, so you must make sure to attend all the live sessions as well as the retreat.
To keep the experience exclusive, after clicking the “Apply” button, you will book a FREE conversation with your cohort leaders, Tünde and Claire. This way you can see if we are the right fit for you without any risks. And we can ensure that all pairs are perfect for each other. During the call, we’ll provide you with the link, where you can complete your payment.
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