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Leadership Skills for Real-World Challenges

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What You Will Learn:
  • Real-world scenarios that highlight common leadership challenges and the transformative power of relational presence

  • The predictable patterns of leaders’ reactions in the face of fear and how to navigate them

  • Techniques to be congruent in your communication aligned with your intent and contexts

  • Strategies to turn leadership and coaching ‘crises’ into opportunities for growth and success of enduring value for your stakeholders.

Your Benefits:
  • Shift your perspective from problem-focused to co-creating relationship-centered solutions

  • Enhance your knowledge, abilities and experience to face organizational challenges with composure and wisdom

  • Lead with inner power, confidence and clarity in any situation of polarity, extremes and overwhelm

  • Co-create a team dynamic that values engagement to problem-solve and provide mutual support

  • Establish a leadership presence that inspires and guides towards shared values and goals that matter for you and your relationships.

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Meet the Author of Coaching Presence: Dr Tünde Erdös

Dr Tünde Erdös, MSc Executive Coach, ICF MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner, is acclaimed for her holistic and systemic approach to leadership development and executive coaching.
Dr Tünde Erdös, is the mastermind behind Integrative Presence. Her Harvard-Grant-based research sets a benchmark in the field. She is an author and sought-after speaker on leadership and coaching.
DR TUENDE ERDOS - Author - Leadership Development Program
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