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Kick-Off of Foundation: Orientation session

8th of Nobember 2021, 15:00 - 16:30 CET


Foundation Pillar Overview

Investment / Foundation: EUR 1,299

Her guiding principle is FAIRness: Flexibility, Accountability, Integrity, and Reliability. Tünde’s FAIRness approach reflects her dedication to use a meta-lens that covers complex cultural and organizational contexts. Her area of expertise is presence both in coaching and leadership, as she is aware that leadership is coaching and coaching is leadership. Tünde has authored three books and published in academic journals as well as in non-academic magazines. She is a senior lecturer at HEC University Paris and a supervisor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Tünde's inspiration is to encourage coaches and leadership to base their practice harmoniously on professional wisdom and empirical evidence.

PhD, Tünde Erdös

As an Organizational Psychologist, Claire has coached workforce as well as designed and implemented performance-related measures including experiential learning programs in various industries. Claire’s leadership roles share one common quality: human development. She is inspired to mindfully deliver meaningful impact on our fellow humans and humanity while enjoying to go beyond what seems possible, as she knows that behaviour influences. Claire has designed a framework philosophy for her practice called “W.E.L.L. in Harmony™“. After managing the Hellenic coach-coachee participation in the research project on coaching presence, Claire is partnering with Tünde Erdös to create a research-based training program on presence.

MSc, Claire Venetsanakou

Born from Research, Raised by Practice

What is the client’s role in the change process in coaching? Does working alliance strengthen / weaken or rather cause client’s growth and development?


Know thy body! A needs exchange through somatic responsiveness in dialogue

In this workshop, we will explore, reflect and jointly make meaning of the somatic nature and five key obstacles to presence in coaching as a growth and development intervention. We will create space for leaving our own default state of presence that feels most comfortable. We will reflect a) the consequences of both our presence-less-ness in our comfort zone, and b) our presence-ness integrating the I, the Other, and the We in coaching. We will work with Integrative Presence.

Action Learning Set Overview

Start: 1st Action Learning Set

15th of November 2021


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