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Coaching Presence – We Can Feel it – Clients Certainly Notice it – How Can We Possibly Measure it?

Experiential learning for leaders and coaches
Presence is a powerful skill that can make or break a coaching relationship.
So, how are you as a coach? Are you fully flexible in how you respond to your clients? What if
  • your body signals how you are in the moment as the source of hidden wisdom? After all, it is not just a skeleton that carries the head around.
  • coaches for whom it may be easier to simulate the body states of others will be perceived as more empathic?
  • your coaching presence enhances clients’ capacity to emotionally self-regulate?

We don’t know. We have no scientific evidence.

My hypothesis is that the ‘what if’s’ fall in line with what the function of synchrony may be. The better coaches feel themselves, the better they can share feelings with clients. This is BEING MORE as a relevant skill for both:

  • the coach to enable the client to feel attuned with them and
  • the client to self-regulate and thus attain their goals – beyond coaching.
Make a difference. Join my research project with VU Amsterdam, NL & Ashridge Centre for Coaching, UK & Case Western Reserve University, US for an exciting learning journey:

Globally Acclaimed Research Project on Presence: Advancing Coaching Science

Dr Tünde Erdös (2021). Coaching Presence: The Power of the Non-Verbal Relationship. McGraw Hill, Open University Press.
Dr. Tünde Erdös is the mastermind behind Integrative Presence. Her Harvard-Grant-based research sets a benchmark in the field. She is an author and sought-after speaker on leadership and coaching.
Dr. Tünde Erdös - Integrative Presence™ Founcer
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