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“Online Presence Skills and In-Person Presence Skills: What Do We Start Noticing?” – ICF EMEA Conference on 7th of March 2024

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Digital coaching platforms mushroom. As they do, or as we simply choose to work more online than in person with clients, we embrace the opportunity to get easy access to clients from all over the world. As we welcome this opportunity, do we also embrace potential differences when it comes to our coaching presence? Do we notice the implications of moving from offline to online coaching when it comes to this particular skills, one which has been understood to be our most important lever of mastery?

In this webinar, we will focus on one big difference in 1:1 online coaching presence and one big difference in team coaching presence – all based on scientific work I am conducting and experiential wisdom supported by client feedback.

This session is based on evolving knowledge around online presence skills in coaching versus coaching skills in co-located coaching, the latter being based on my internationally recognised coaching research into presence from the point of view of non-verbal synchrony over time.

I have conducted 76 interviews with coaches that work online and have solicited client feedback about perceived differences around virtual and non-virtual coaching work and its impact on their capacity to engage in coaching effectively in the coaching relationship.

This session will be practical while knowledge will be shared as we move through the session.

If you work online as a coach, a leader or an HR developer too, you may be curious about potential differences around your presence – beyond the technicalities of it – when it comes to working online. Because, believing you are present, does not mean that you are and that you are perceived as such.

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