Presence Beyond The Obvious EP1

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Dear Solange,

I try to answer your question is good as i can – about my “Balance”

Sometimes i am running my “i have to finish my tasks” live – working  without much sensing or thinking what i am really feeling in the moment. Yes there are this times too, and i cannot work / live like that for too long. It feels like i am using my – “emergency program” while i am living in that state of mind. It drains my energie and health quit a lot! So after such time i need a lot of free-time, taking a walk, make something that gives me good feelings, sitting in the sun ore just relax.

Is this my way of “balancing” out?  – hmmmmm…….i don’t know yet.

Perhaps the only thing i know is that it will always be a process, never at “the END” and there will always be new things to come. So i am walking, sometimes stumbling forward 🙂

All the best, Martin

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