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    Dear studycompagnons,

    There is one question that emerged this morning about balance.

    I asked myself how to balance between being curious, zooming in and out and dancing? What are your experiences?

    I discovered that my critical moments are when there are high emotions, no emotions and when there are many words in the dialogue.

    What are your critical moments?




    Dear Solange,

    I try to answer your question is good as i can – about my “Balance”

    Sometimes i am running my “i have to finish my tasks” live – working  without much sensing or thinking what i am really feeling in the moment. Yes there are this times too, and i cannot work / live like that for too long. It feels like i am using my – “emergency program” while i am living in that state of mind. It drains my energie and health quit a lot! So after such time i need a lot of free-time, taking a walk, make something that gives me good feelings, sitting in the sun ore just relax.

    Is this my way of “balancing” out?  – hmmmmm…….i don’t know yet.

    Perhaps the only thing i know is that it will always be a process, never at “the END” and there will always be new things to come. So i am walking, sometimes stumbling forward 🙂

    All the best, Martin


    Dear Martin,

    Thank you so much for your response. I read it, while trying to sense (and smell and taste and hear)  how it must feel like when you are in your emergency programm.

    In my mind a picture of a horse emerged, with blinkers on his eyes. It knows his way and just follows the road, because he knows this road. Could it be a speedy horse, with a warm corpus, due to the running. How does he feel, I asked myself and where is he heading to?

    And your ‘walking and making things that makes you happy’ gives me a lively feeling with coulours and flavours as a lolypop and with the different flavours of a lolypop, very sweet and also a bit sour (that keeps the lively feeling going) and salt in it, wich is relaxing the body and mind … And how does it feel in this lively and relaxing situation, what does the senses tell you? I would like to hear from you.

    I would like to hear more about your stumbling forward and share about how I am thriving and stumbling to :).

    See you soon, dear Martin.




    Dear Solange,

    i would like to come back to your first questions , the part of “”zooming in and out”, “being curious” and “dancing”.

    Sometimes – if i am very interested in a topic, a building, a film, or whatever, somebody – i “zoom in” and  focus so much, that i forget the rest of the world, even myself, even all my worries and so on. So i ask myself now: What ist happening at such moments –

    am i lost? – i don’t thing so, i feel life running through my body and the sensation of “discovering something”

    am i present? – i believe i am, because i have no other intention than to see, smell, realize, feel…..what is in front of me in that moment

    am i also in the “helicopter” mode -i believe, no! i can only be in one mode (that would be zoomed-in in that moment)

    On the other hand, because of this state of mind i sometimes are nor aware of changes in my surrounding, i don’t hear if somebody is calling me, i don’t see what is going on in other places, i can hit my head because i didn’t see the low door-entrance beam and so on.

    So i think sometimes i have so much interest, that it seems i am looking through a lens, able to see details, but not the complete picture. So i try to “take a step back” of even more, to see the overall view.

    So i beliefe it is good to be able to “dance” in and out, forward and backward, and sometimes jump up, to see different angels, different views, different areas. So that is my idea of “balance” like a flowing river.

    Thank you for your question, i feel very thankful to you. It gives me so many ideas and pictures to go on thinking and exploring. 🙂

    See you soon




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