Presence Beyond The Obvious EP1

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New Podcast: Presence Beyond The Obvious

Our Vision:

We want to re-imagine business and organizational management. We want to re-shape coaching and leadership development in an extraordinary moment in time. We want to encourage coaches and leaders to break free from the relentless cycle of ‘higher-bigger-faster’ coaching and leadership.

It’s time to break free from the limitations of traditional coaching methods and leadership models. It’s time to lead and coach on the pulse of time. We’re here to foster a movement that champions authentic, engaging an daring leaders and coaches.

Our Mission:

We invite daring coaches and seeking leaders each in their specific field to bring closer the two instrumental worlds: Leadership and Coaching. That’s because, for us, leadership is coaching, and coaching is leadership.

The format we’re offering is a series of bite-sized interviews full of inspired and inspirational knowledge sharing to enable growth ‘beyond the obvious’ in leadership and coaching – feeling empowered to respond to what’s going on in, with and around us with presence-ness. Why? To engage, cope well with overwhelm, and have joy. No matter what’s going on around us.

Our guest in Episode 1:

Marco Tieleman, ICF MCC and EMCC Master Practitioner

This is what we’ll share in this episode:

– how to stay grounded with some unexpected event

– how Marco is practicing presence in his life

– why presence is important and how it’s important for a more fulfilled life

– what ‘integrative-presence’ is and can be for your effectiveness

– in what way integrative-presence is different from other ways of practicing presence

– how you can thrive by practicing integrative-presence


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