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    Hi everyone,

    I missed the one of last week, so I do one today.

    What was my goal?

    Being more present offline, not spending a lot of time on social media

    Where am I with this goal right now?

    Improved. At least 30% less time on social media. Still not where I would like to be.

    What have I tried and what felt like some success this week?

    I met in person with a group of digital nomads that I had never met before.

    I also had a couple of daily-life moments in which I asked myself: what do I sense right now? e.g., while drying my hair.

    What is the challenge I still encounter?

    Energy is not as high as last summer/autumn, I need to rest a lot. Worried for the war.

    What is one thing that anyone in the community can do to support your explorations – learnings – discoveries?

    Being patient with me being less talkative than usual.


    See you on Friday, Giulia

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