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    -What was my goal?

    The overall goal:

    I would like to learn to center myself after experiencing something unexpected or unknown. I want to learn more with my own triggers. And center myself very quickly after an impressive experience.

    My goal for the last week was to practise to reconnect (more) with my body. And to take my bodysignals (very) serious(ly).


    -Where am I with this goal right now?

    I am thriving ????. And I am trying to encrease my awareness in contact with others. I am excersing by asking my self questions about what I feel in the moment and I am trying to ask my husband and children more: ‘what do you feel’. I did already ask my clients about their feelings and  I try to do more to include the body in a more deepend way. And I discovered that I talk more about the body when I meet my clients.


    -What have I tried and what felt like some success this week?

    Yesterday I had this moment of succes. I encountered a female client, a manager of 61 years old, fort the 3th time.

    She has been ill and she is reintegrating at this moment. Before she came I felt this aversion in my body. And I read in my papers that I felt this reluctance in my abdomen. At her arrival I felt willing and open again.

    As we started talking I felt this feeling again, as if there was a tight string around my abdomen. We were talking about her communication with her stand-in. She told me that she disliked her and was going on and on, about what was not working. At one point I asked her ‘what about our communication’ ‘at/in this moment’. ‘What do you feel?’ ‘And how about our relationship? ‘And I will tell you what I feel, later on’. She could’nt tell me what she felt, she looked very cautious, she talked very slowly and with very short phrases. At the moment that I told her what I felt, she start talking about the present and what was going on in the coachingroom. She started telling me that she did not want to do these sessions and that she felt she had to do these consults.

    It felt as a success to me, this intervention I did, by telling about my bodyparts.


    -What is the challenge I still encounter?

    How to bef aster and how to trust my bodyparts. I could have had this discussion and this intervention in the second session.


    -What is one thing that anyone in the community can do to support your explorations – learnings – discoveries?

    Give me the opportunity to thrive, and feel save. And confront me with what you feel and what you see in our contact.


    Dear Solange, thank you for sharing

    during my 2×3 minutes i struggled a lot,

    it seems that i am not used AT ALL to listen AND simultaneously  try to realize – what is going on inside me/with my body/ what response i show –  while listening ..

    it felt more like – always switching from “inside-view” to “listening ” and back

    when starting my ” inside-view-second” i always had the urge to close my eyes – what i didn’t do and was somehow distracted  f.e. to see the person on the monitor, the room i am in..

    when starting my “listening -sequence” i lost focus  of ” the inner process” and get “sucked” in the story i heard, the picture i saw, like pulling me back in the “outside-world” away from my “inner-world”

    today i have the question : can i/we bring the – normal unconscious extremely fast processes, that seems to happen during communication (that is my presumption)  – to our awareness / concousness?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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