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    Dear friends,

    Yesterday I drove at home. I called my husband to tell him at what time I would be arriving at our home. And his voice touched me, in a very special way, as it did while we were courting, years ago. And I shared this intrusive experience with him, about how his voice struck me again.

    And it made me ask myself. Perhaps my ears are one of my favourite sensory organs. I think I discovered that touching is my first favourite, sensory organ.

    Or was it because of the memory I preserved long ago? And could it be a ‘bias’ as mr. Control has because of the past. Or was it just the ‘Grandma-wise’ that was present and who could feel all emotions? And how can I discover the difference between ‘Grandma’ and ‘Mr. Control’ in these experiences?

    I still am having my ‘investigation’ :).

    And how are you doing? I am curious.

    Looking forward to meet you soon.




    What was my goal?

    Getting to know my preferred sensory organ(s)

    Where am I with this goal right now?

    It could be sensing and hearing. I am still observing myself and others :).

    What have I tried and what felt like some success this week?

    I tried to use more breathe excercises to center myself.

    What is the challenge I still encounter?

    To manage the toughts that just jump up in the moment, and just stay present. And also to calm myself. I discovered my breath easily moves up, and up.

    What is one thing that anyone in the community can do to support your explorations – learnings – discoveries?

    Encourage me to breathe.


    Dear Solange,

    take a moment to breathe.

    Big hug, Giulia

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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