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    What was my goal?

    My goal was more awareness of all my senses, and to slow down the pace.

    Where am I with this goal right now?

    I am allowing myself, more and more to really use all the senses. Sometimes I just forget to pay attention to all my senses in the coachingroom. I still have this hick up with the sense of smelling. I would like to learn more about smelling and expand my vocabulary on smelling. Perhaps I could exercise by digging my nose into things, more often :).

    What have I tried and what felt like some success this week?

    My success for this week was using my senses in feeling that I was ill and that I needed a break. Due to sensing I could make the (loving) decision to postpone all my appointments for one week.

    I never did this before in my life as a coach (nine years). Several times I layed outside in the sun and felt her powerful warmth on my skin. And I tried to use all my senses in sensing the world outside, and try to sense what freedom smells, tastes, sounds, looks, and sense like.

    I also could feel and at last acknowledge the tension in my body because of the war in Ukraïn (in my shoulders, neck and in my arms). And inviting myself in dealing with the lack of power in helping out.

    What is the challenge I still encounter?

    I would like to pay more attention to the spheres in coaching. I desire to find a way that is fluently and natural.

    What is one thing that anyone in the community can do to support your explorations – learnings – discoveries?

    Slowing the pace and also – although – contradictory provocate me (also scarry :). But the most import thing is having fun together, and feeling at home together.



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