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    Dear ones,

    The last two sessions were an even greater party, for me, than the previous ones because of the emerging insights and lightbulb moments. I believe it is our time to blossom know :). How are you experiencing these weeks?

    I would like to share one of my experieces of presence which was very instructional to me.

    My client was telling me about her burnout feelings, we explored …

    To do an exercise we shifted from the armchairs to the worktable. Due to this shift I could see her eyes better because we sat closer. And while observing I saw her eyes shining. Wow, I could’nt keep my eyes of her eyes, and I worked with it (after the thought for one second about ‘can I talk about her eyes, whith my client, we just met eachother?).

    And I felt this energy inside of me and I just told her: what I see is that ‘your eyes are shining’. And we had this resourceful talk, and dance about her gleaming and fiery eyes. And her energetic self. We made this shift, the atmosphere changed, we discussed her insight that her body was tired and that there still was this fire inside of her that did not doused out. It gave her (and me also) hope.

    We had enough to work with, to discuss and to learn.

    Looking forward to meet you all on Friday and to learn together and also have fun.




    Thanks for sharing Solange.

    Beautiful example in working with the eyes!

    This afternoon I talked about IP with my massage therapist and he recognised the power of sensing instead of being cartographer.

    I was able to keep more sensing instead of getting in a stress when he touches muscles which were irritated. It really helped me.



    Thank you Marco your respond to my peace about my thriving with presence.

    And, in return thank you for sharing about your experience with IP.

    What I like is that you shared about IP with others, with your massage therapist. Giving IP the chance to find it’s way in the world of coaching and therapy. Cool! And that you invited yourself to experience fully what was going on in that moment. Sounds like a powerful moment! I would want to ask some questions and perhaps this need is ‘a cartographer thing’ :)?

    Once again thanks, for sharing and I am looking forward to see you and the others tomorrow.



    Dear Solange, Dear Marco,

    reading you post about “shining eyes” and “massage therapist understanding cartographer”

    i envy you because in my work nobody is willing to become like that!

    So the only thing i can do – implementing this myself in my interactions with the people on the building site!

    Wow – what a calling!


    Thank you Martin


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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